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Unlocking A World Of Refreshing Cirkul Bottle Flavors: Evaluating All The Top Flavor Choices

In this blog article, we will discuss the Cirkul water bottle and its delicious taste. If you are a new user and a fan of the Cirkul squeeze bottle, and wondering about the size options of Cirkul water bottles, worry no more! We will investigate all the shapes and tempting range of Cirkul bottles and the water flavors they contain. Have you ever wondered, What does Cirkul taste like? We are here to satisfy your curiosity and discuss everything.

To help you choose your personal preference among the available flavors, we aim to reveal the flavor secrets of each Cirkul bottle. We will share both our likes and any potential dislikes as we shed light on what makes Cirkul’s flavor one of the best options available. Along with an exceptional value for those who may be new to the Cirkul experience, we will also provide some important background information about Cirkul to get you up to speed.

So, you’re in the right place whether you want to explore lists and rankings of Cirkul varieties or learn which flavors are the best and worst. Then come with us on this delicious tour of the Cirkul world! It is an innovative water bottle and cartridge system that makes drinking water more delicious and fun, personalized with sugar and zero calories. So, drinking more water is good for a healthy life.


Prooduct details of cirkul water bottle flavors

A new enjoyable way to taste your water with Cirkul Water. You can control it with all the Cirkul flavor cartridges and sip as per your need. Cirkul Nutrition Facts ingredients are BPA free and have a comfort grip LID/ blue comfort grip lid for easy drinking. Cirkul’s dial gives you full control over every cartridge’s flavors. You can turn and set this dial according to your requirements.

You can put it on the 10 settings and sip some plain water if that’s how you’re feeling. Then, it’s easy to adjust the setting from 1 to 10 to your preferences when you decide you want more flavor. A progressive increase from 1 to 10, or practically straight flavor, offers just a slight taste of flavor.

To match the unique requirements and preferences of their customers, they provide different lines of Sips.


LifeSip The flavors of LifeSips All flavors 👍 :

In cirkul water bottle flavors LifeSip cartridges come fortified with B vitamins to help give you energy throughout the day.  Here are a variety of LifeSip.

Image Credits: Cirkul
  • Fruit Punch
  • Strawberry Kiwi
  • Watermelon
  • Sweet Tea and Lemon
  • Blueberry Cranberry
  • Peach Mango
  • Coconut Pineapple
  • Raspberry Lemonade
  • Lemonade
  • Strawberry Lemonade
  • Grapefruit Mango
  • Berry Pomegranate

FitSip And FitSips All flavors 👍 :

In Circle water bottle flavors, Its come with BPA free.

The minerals in FitSip cartridges give you an extra boost, so you can play longer and harder. Here are a variety of FitSip.

Image Credits: Cirkul
  • White Cherry 
  • Tropical Blast
  •  Mixed Berry
  • Orange Tangerine 
  • Lemon Lime

Gateway Tea and All Flavors 👍:

Instead of going through the more time-consuming steps of brewing and chilling, Gateway Tea cartridges give all the tastes of tea in a convenient delivery mechanism. Here are a variety of Gateway Teas. Its come with BPA free.

Image Credits: Cirkul
  • Pennsylvania Tea & Lemonade
  • Washington Raspberry Tea
  • Georgia Peach Tea 
  •  South Carolina Sweet Tea

Fission Premium Body Fuel and all flavors 👍 :

 Fission drink cartridges are Cirkul’s approach to energy beverages, providing all the boost without any extra sugars or ingredients that are not necessary. Here are all varieties of Fission Premium Body Fuel ▶️ 😀

  • Nocturnal (Mixed Berry)
  • Florida Man (Orange Citrus)
  • Send It (Fruit Punch) 
  • Jackpot (Green Apple) 
  • ET (Lemon Lime)
  • Blue Magic (Blue Raspberry) 
Image Credits: Cirkul

Flyte Electrolyte Fuel and all flavors 👍 :

 FLYTE enhances the mineral content in the FitSip. The flavor line’s sporting drinks keep you hydrated, so you can stay active for longer due to their 4x higher mineral content than ordinary drinks. Here are all varieties of Flyte Electrolyte Fuel ▶️ 😀 

  • Red Zone (Fruit Punch) 
  • Goal Line (Lemon Lime)
  •  Last Drive (Blue Raspberry)
  • Lights-Out (Blackberry) 
  • Rapid Fire (Strawberry Watermelon) 
  • Shutout (Grape)
Flyte Electrolyte Fuel
Image Credits: Cirkul

Squeeze Lemonade and all flavors 👍 :

 You can enjoy a variety of lemonade flavors from Squeeze without mixing any additional sweets. Here are all variety of Squeeze Lemonade flavors ▶️ 😀 

  • Classic Lemonade
  • Blackberry Lemonade
  • Raspberry Lemonade 
  • Watermelon Lemonade 
  • Blueberry Lemonade
  • Strawberry Lemonade
Squeeze Lemonade and all flavors
Image Credits: Cirkul

Stage Hydration and all flavors 👍 :

 Stage hydration cartridges supplement your water intake with minerals and sweets, usually sweeteners, to help you perform at your best. Here are all varieties of Squeeze Lemonade flavors ▶️ 😀

  • Strawberry Watermelon 
  • Blackberry Twist Lemon
  •  Lime 
  • Orange
Stage Hydration
Image Credits: Cirkul

Verda and all flavors 👍 :

 Verda Sip cartridges allow you to go sustainable by using stevia-enhanced simple flavors that you can enjoy. Here are a variety of  Verda flavors ▶️ 😀

  • Cucumber Lime
  • Strawberry 
  • Watermelon 
  • Clementine 
  • Lemon
Image Credits: Cirkul

Frosted and all flavors 👍 :

 Frosted Sips provide great caffeine doses and sweet iced coffee flavors. Here are all varieties of  Frosted flavors ▶️ 😀

  • Pumpkin Spice Iced Coffee
  • Creme Brulee Iced Coffee
  • Mocha Iced Coffee 
  • Vanilla Iced Coffee 
  • Caramel Iced Coffee 
  • Classic Iced Coffee 
Image Credits: Cirkul

Puressence and all flavors 👍 :

 With just water and a tiny quantity of fruit juice, Puressence delivers you genuine fruit flavor. Here are all varieties of Puressence flavors ▶️ 😀

  • Tangerine
  • Pineapple
  • Apple
  • Cucumber
  • Lemon
  • Peach
  • Pear
  • Raspberry
Image Credits: Cirkul

Where To Purchase Cirkul Bottles And Sips?

The Sips, lids, and bottles can be purchased directly from Cirkul as single items, as part of a package, or as part of a subscription for even greater discounts. Additionally, you may buy items from Cirkul including bottle sleeves, water filters, and specially made bottles. 

Sips, lids, and bottles can be purchased directly from Circle as single items, as part of a package, or as part of a subscription for even greater discounts. Additionally, you can purchase items from Circle, including bottle sleeves, water filters, and custom-made bottles. Or you can buy them through any specialized eCommerce site like Amazon, or Walmart. But check a little and buy where you can get good benefits.

Cirkul Cons & Pros :


  • supports hydration
  • several different flavors
  • Regular taste introductions take place.
  • a large number of product lines to choose from
  • a variety of electrolyte and energy-boosting choices
  • Little to no artificial flavors or colors sweeteners and little sugar
  • Other well-liked wide-mouth water bottles are compatible with the Cirkul cover.
  • 3 sizes are offered: 12 oz, 22 oz, and 32 oz.


  • Several bad reviews about shipping and customer service
  • Flavors may go more quickly than anticipated.
  • For some, cleaning the components may be challenging.
  • The Flvr lab’s flavors are unique and quickly run out.
  • Only Cirkul lids can be used with Sip flavor cartridges.
  • Not all automobile cup holders will accept this.
  • not intended for use with hot water

Unlocking the Secrets: Cirkul's Flavor Cartridges and More

Now that we’ve tantalized your taste buds with the flavor possibilities, let’s delve into the details that make Cirkul Bottle Flavors offerings truly exceptional.Cirkul Nutrition Facts ingredients are BPA free and have a comfort grip LID/ blue comfort grip lid for easy drinking. Cirkul’s dial gives you full control over every cartridge’s flavors. You can turn and set this dial according to your requirements.

Flavorful Hydration: Cartridges Enriched for Excellence

Cirkul’s flavor cartridges aren’t just about taste; they’re about enhancing your hydration with added benefits. Enriched with essential vitamins, electrolytes, and all-natural ingredients, these cartridges ensure you get the most out of every sip. Whether you’re seeking an energy boost, a hint of caffeine, or a vitamin-infused refresher, Cirkul Bottle Flavors cartridges have you covered.

Perfect Fit: Cartridge and Bottle Options

Flexibility is key, and Cirkul understands that. You can purchase cartridges and bottles individually or in bundles, tailoring your experience to your preferences. The cartridge size, 0.68 oz, is designed to last through approximately 6 water refills, ensuring sustained flavor enjoyment. As for the bottles, you have options – 32 oz, 22 oz, and 12 oz sizes to choose from, allowing you to select what suits your lifestyle and hydration needs.

Update: Walmart now offers the Cirkul Starter Kit in-stores and online, along with a constrained number of Sip varieties.

What varieties of Cirkul are the best? That will primarily rely on your personal preferences, but the following list, which rates each flavor from the worst to the finest, might help.

What flavors does cirkul have?

Cirkul has lately added a number of new tastes. As soon as we have tried all 90+ Cirkul Bottle Flavors, we will update this list to reflect those additions.

June 10, 2023 – New flavors have been added to the rankings: Flyte Last Drive, LifeSip Orange Mango, Flyte Overtime, Squeeze Blueberry Lemonade, Verda Cucumber Lime

Squeeze Raspberry Lemonade, which garnered the lowest overall team rating, will be the first flavor we discuss.0+ 

One of our rankers truly likes pears and had a desire to enjoy this one. The Puressence Pear Sip, originally known as PureSip Pear, has the flaw of tasting nothing like fruit or even pears. Some describe it as tasting strongly chemical, while others compare it to a potent floral perfume.

It was disliked by all members of our group, and it garnered only negative reviews.

Image Credits: Cirkul

92. Squeeze Raspberry Lemonade : (Cirkul Bottle Flavors)

Being at the bottom of our list of Cirkul flavors is disappointing because we love raspberry and most of us drink lemonade all year round. Sadly, Squeeze Raspberry Lemonade is plain unpleasant to drink.

One reviewer said it had any discernible fruit flavor and was sour and unpleasantly harsh. The flavor is disliked by the rest of us since we think it tastes like cough syrup. This one is best avoided in favor of the raspberry or lemonade-flavored alternatives on this list.

squeeze-raspberry-lemonade-cirkul-cartridges 92
Image Credits: Cirkul

91. Flyte Lights Out (Blackberry) : Cirkul Bottle Flavors

Our rankers agree that this Cirkul flavor has a faint fruit flavor and tastes like water with a big pinch of baking soda poured into it. One lone person of our group didn’t mind it as much, but the most of us did not enjoy it very much. They said it “tastes like the ocean.”

You might not detest this one if you enjoy salty or potent electrolyte replacement drinks.

Image Credits: Cirkul
Image Credits: Cirkul

90. Squeeze Blackberry Lemonade : (Cirkul Bottle Flavors)

Our employees agree that Squeeze Blackberry Lemonade does not taste like blackberries or lemonade. Everyone felt that it lacked much fruit flavor and was either bitter or exceedingly sour. The fact that it doesn’t taste like chemicals or cough medicine is the only reason it made it this high up on our ranking of the worst and greatest Cirkul tastes.

Other lemonade and blackberry flavors perform far better than this one does.

squeeze-blackberry-lemonade-cirkul-flavors-list 90
Image Credits: Cirkul

89. LifeSip Lemonade : Cirkul Bottle Flavors

Another taste that we thought we would like but ended up finding to be terribly disappointing. This contains a very potent, synthetic lemon. Sadly, the sucralose has little effect. One reviewer said that this product tasted like “the smell of lemon air freshener with a weird sweetener aftertaste.”

One person claimed they could accept it or reject it because it wasn’t all that horrible. As a result, LifeSip Lemonade is placed close to the bottom of our ranking.

Cirkul-flavors-LifeSipLemonade 89
Image Credits: Cirkul

88. Squeeze Pink Lemonade: Cirkul Bottle Flavors

With this new collection of lemonade tastes, we truly hoped to buck the “artificial lemon” trend. Although it offers a hint of fruity freshness, the watermelon cannot take the place of the “sweet lemon cleaner vibe.” Our team did not give this flavor great scores due to that and the excessive sweetness.

Image Credits: Cirkul

87. Squeeze Watermelon Lemonade : Cirkul Bottle Flavors

One customer genuinely enjoyed it and said they would consider buying Squeeze Pink Lemonade periodically for something different, which is the only reason it isn’t lower on our list. The others agreed that it didn’t taste anything like pink lemonade. The broad consensus included floral, sour, and perfume-like.

In the end, we share your dislike of the lemon flavor.

squeeze-pink-lemonade-cirkul-varieties 88
Image Credits: Cirkul

86. Puressence Lemon : Cirkul Bottle Flavors

Puressence Lemon follows. It appears that the fake lemon flavor is present in all flavors that include lemon. Some of us almost succeeded because the flavor is considerably milder here than in the lemonade.

It resembled lemon water when the flavor dial was set to a mild setting of 1-3. One of our crew members summed up everyone else’s opinions when he said, “With the availability of lemons, lemon juice, and crystallized lemon, I’m not sure why someone would want water that tastes like artificial lemon though.”

Image Credits: Cirkul

85. Frosted Classic Iced Coffee: Cirkul Bottle Flavors

How could iced coffee-flavored water possibly go wrong? Our coffee connoisseurs were a little let down by what they perceived to be weak coffee. It’s not terrible, but it’s also not particularly noteworthy. Our coffee drinkers disapproved of the Frosted Classic Iced Coffee, formerly BrewSip Classic Iced Coffee.

**Note: Online articles frequently recommend using milk with the BrewSip/Frosted tastes. The fact that there have been isolated incidences of disease brought on by milk residue in the Sip turning bad and growing bacteria makes Cirkul no longer advocate this recommendation, even though they do taste better that way. If you decide to use milk and the BrewSips/Frosted tastes, you must keep the bottle of milk and the Cirkul Sip in the refrigerator.

Image Credits: Cirkul

84. GoSip Berry Citrus : Cirkul Bottle Flavors

The members of our Food Rankers team who got the chance to sample this limited-edition taste described it as being more like a citrus flavor than a berry flavor. Although it didn’t taste horrible, they wouldn’t order it again. According to one person, it tasted “like a mixed berry FitSip meets GoSip orange kind of thing with maybe a hint of blackberry.” Simply said, it didn’t seem to work.

Image Credits: Cirkul

83. Verda Lemon : Cirkul Bottle Flavors

We enjoy lemons, therefore how we wish there was a good lemon flavor among the top Cirkul flavors! Sadly, the Verda Lemon just slightly outperforms the lemon-based flavors below it.

This one does manage to taste more like lemon, according to two of our rankers, but it is far too flavorless, tasting “like a Puressence flavor, even on a high setting.” The remaining members of the team continue to believe that this lemon flavor has little flavor below setting 3 and an unpleasant chemical taste above it.

Image Credits: Cirkul

82. Puressence Apple : Cirkul Bottle Flavors

Puressence Apple tastes somewhat like the fruit and has a mildly apple-like aroma. It lacks a true apple flavor without sweets, though. We discovered that it stopped tasting as wonderful after a few sips.

This one might be worth trying if you enjoy sweet-free mild fruit essences. Otherwise, our food rankers say there are better flavors to try.

Image Credits: Cirkul

81. Flyte Overtime (Orange) : Cirkul Bottle Flavors

We all concur that the Overtime flavor has a strong electrolyte aftertaste and is similar to an orange sports drink. Order this one if you require additional electrolytes and don’t tolerate the salty orange flavor. We don’t enjoy the flavor, but it’s not terrible either.

Image Credits: Cirkul

80. Flyte Fast Break (Strawberry Banana)

A fantastic and well-liked flavor combination is strawberry and banana. The salty taste of the electrolytes in Fast Break is a concern. We weren’t expecting a salty banana with a tinge of strawberry when we tried this one.

A Strawberry Banana flavor without electrolytes should be offered all year round, according to one reviewer. Thank you, Cirkul!

Image Credits: Cirkul

79. Verda Watermelon: Cirkul Bottle Flavors

The majority of the watermelon-based Cirkul flavors are rather good, but this one kind of falls flat. Though we struggle to name the flavor’s hints, it is a very light, sweet flavor that most of us agree is not watermelon. The stevia sweetener may be the reason why it changes from sweet to somewhat bitter when the volume is increased.

If you really want this sweetener but are unable to consume the others that Cirkul uses, go for it. However, Cirkul offers finer watermelon flavors, including a tasty strawberry watermelon that is stevia sweetened.

Verda Watermelon
Image Credits: Cirkul

78. GoSip Citrus Twist : Cirkul Bottle Flavors

The peculiar lemon flavor from Citrus Twist is combined with undertones of lime and orange. Although both the lime and the orange are good, they don’t go well together. On top of everything, there is the odd, synthetic lemon.

This one didn’t appeal to most of us. However, one individual did, so there’s a chance you might feel the same way.

GoSip Citrus Twist
Image Credits: Cirkul

77. Frosted Pumpkin Spice Iced Coffee

However, Cirkul sells this frosted flavor all year round. Pumpkin Spice Iced Coffee is normally a seasonal flavor during the fall and winter seasons. With warm pumpkin pie ingredients like cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg, it is their iced coffee taste.

At low to medium settings, this one tastes like a watered-down Pumpkin Spice Latte, and at levels above 7, a lot of that spicy cinnamon flavor comes through. You ought to try this one if you enjoy pumpkin spice flavors.

Frosted Pumpkin Spice Iced Coffee
Image Credits: Cirkul

76. Puressence Peach (Unsweetened)

A bit of controversy resulted from Puressence Peach’s addition of a hint of peach essence to your water. While half of the group thought it was tasty, the other half claimed it tasted “really floral and nothing like peaches.”

This one might not be for you if you prefer stronger or sweeter flavors because it is unsweetened. But it’s not a terrible flavor.

Puressence Peach (Unsweetened)
Image Credits: Cirkul

75. Stage Hydration Blackberry Twist

One of our reviewers appreciated the subtle flavor of Blackberry Twist. On lower levels, the rest of us considered it to be too light, but raising it up produced a “ocean-like mineral aftertaste”. We could live without that, even if it is probably the result of the extra electrolytes.

Stage Hydration Blackberry Twist
Image Credits: Cirkul

74. Frosted Vanilla Iced Coffee: Cirkul Bottle Flavor

The Frosted Vanilla Iced Coffee is excellent for folks who like a stronger vanilla flavor with coffee overtones because it is quite vanilla-forward. Those that liked it discovered that they needed to up the flavor a few notches from their typical setting.

Frosted Vanilla Iced Coffee
Image Credits: Cirkul

73. BrewSip Hazelnut Iced Coffee (Seasonal)

This flavor may be ideal for those who enjoy coffee and hazelnuts. You can certainly taste hints of hazelnut and coffee in this flavor, which is a seasonal flavor that is typically introduced throughout the fall and winter seasons. While some of us find it to be nice, others describe it as unpleasant.

If you enjoy the other BrewSips/Frosted Cirkul tastes, you should give this one a try when it comes out again.

BrewSip Hazelnut Iced Coffee (Seasonal)
Image Credits: Cirkul

72. LifeSip Raspberry Lemonade: Cirkul Bottle Flavors

This flavor may be ideal for those who enjoy coffee and hazelnuts. You can certainly taste hints of hazelnut and coffee in this flavor, which is a seasonal flavor that is typically introduced throughout the fall and winter seasons. While some of us find it to be nice, others describe it as unpleasant.

If you enjoy the other BrewSips/Frosted Cirkul tastes, you should give this one a try when it comes out again.

Image Credits: Cirkul

71. Puressence Cucumber (Unsweetened)

The Cucumber Sip is far more potent than we anticipated. Our group members find this to be a very contentious flavor. This seems to be one that you either really like or really don’t, as opinions range from “strong and very refreshing” to “Yuck, it tastes like fish!”

Cucumber is all that is present; there is no sweetness. You get to decide if that’s practical for you.

If you enjoy the other BrewSips/Frosted Cirkul tastes, you should give this one a try when it comes out again.

Puressence Cucumber (Unsweetened)
Image Credits: Cirkul

70. LifeSip Blueberry Grape (Limited Edition FLVRLAB Release): Cirkul Bottle Flavors

We prefer blueberry and grape, but the members of our panel who tried it said it was an odd combination that didn’t really work. They could all agree that it is mostly light and sweet with a hint of grape and a blueberry-like aftertaste.

Image Credits: Cirkul
Image Credits: Cirkul

69. LifeSip Blueberry Grape (Limited Edition FLVRLAB Release)

The flavor of LifeSip Strawberry Kiwi is quite subtle, and as the sweetness level is increased, it only becomes sweeter and less tasty. It has a passable flavor, particularly for individuals who want to flavor and sweeten their water.

68. Flyte Red Zone (Fruit Punch)

This one is powerful, man! It is extremely comparable to the artificially flavored fruit punch sports drinks that are readily available practically everywhere, but with an added saltiness from the electrolytes. Purchase this if you like that style of fruit punch and need help staying hydrated.

The majority of us will forego this flavor in favor of others we like better, but it’s not horrible.


67. Puressence Pineapple (Unsweetened)

This one begins with a delightful hint of pineapple flavor but quickly becomes strange and bitter for some folks by the middle of the first bottle. Some of our rankers stated they’d order it again, while others weren’t sure how they felt about it.

Remember, this is unsweetened, so it’s like biting into a slice of pineapple without the natural sugars – think unripe pineapple flavor. It’s good, but we’d like it if Cirkul added a sweeter pineapple flavor without the coconut!

The majority of us will forego this flavor in favor of others we like better, but it’s not horrible.

66. Squeeze Orange Lemonade

The orange flavor helps to mask the strange lemon flavor, yet the strange chemical flavor of the lemon remains as an aftertaste for most of us. It’s not horrible, and citrus enthusiasts could enjoy it as a flavor alternative. But we wouldn’t call this lemonade.

65. Flyte Goal Line (Lemon Lime)

This Flyte variant is still as salty as the others, but the lemon lime flavor and sweetness help to mask it a little. It’s not an awful flavor, but it tastes more like a lemon lime sports drink with at least twice the salt.

Flyte Goal Line may be one to try on your next order if you are very dehydrated and require a serious electrolyte boost, or if you simply appreciate the flavor of electrolyte-replacement beverages.


64. Flyte Rapid Fire (Strawberry Watermelon)

This flavor, like Goal Line, isn’t bad, especially if you’re doing a lot of exercise or need an oral rehydration solution. It’s just that Flyte flavors are high in electrolytes and have a salty taste to them.

Go for it if you need electrolytes! If you only want some flavor, there are better strawberry watermelon variants further up on our list of the greatest Cirkul flavors.

63. FitSip Lemon Lime

Here’s another twist on lemon lime. This FitSip has a pleasant overall flavor that leans somewhat more toward the lime side, which serves it well given our crew’s preference for lemon flavors. Without the sweetness or saltiness of Goal Line, it is a very mild flavor that is unlikely to win over many fans but would be useful to have in your flavor rotation.

62. LifeSip Coconut Pineapple

Our most ardent admirer of the coconut-pineapple combo considered this one to be a letdown, claiming that it doesn’t live up to its flavor moniker. LifeSip Coconut Pineapple was described by the rest of us as “pineapple with a hint of something else and a sweetener aftertaste.”

61. LifeSip Peach Mango

A really sweet flavor! Peach Mango reminds us a lot of those gummy candy peach rings. If you dissolved those in water, the flavor would be quite similar to LifeSip Peach Mango. Even when dialed down, some found it a little overly sweet, but the majority of our reviewers gave it a thumbs up.

60. Flyte Shutout (Grape)

Flyte Shutout tastes similar to Grape Pedialyte.

It has a strong grape flavor with a distinct taste from the electrolytes. This is a terrific flavor for both youngsters and adults who need a hydration boost. Although it is not our favored Cirkul flavor, one reviewer stated that they will purchase a few more of these in case their family becomes ill and requires the rehydration advantages.

59. LifeSip Blueberry Cranberry

LifeSip Blueberry Cranberry is a touch tangy with just a hint of sweetness that works well for the majority of our workforce. It’s not our favorite, but it’s a novel flavor combination that you don’t usually encounter in drinks or water enhancers. One individual even ranked it among their top 10!

We enjoy it because it is one of the stevia-sweetened options.

58. LifeSip Strawberry Lemonade

Another stevia taste, but this one is more sweet than tart. One reviewer said she could still taste the “weird, artificial lemon” in this one, but it got high marks overall.

If you like lemonade and lemonade-flavored products, give this one a try as one of the most successful lemonade tastes on this list!

57. Stage Hydration Lemon Lime

This one tastes like a watered-down version of Lemon Lime Gatorade, but if you set the dial up high enough, it can taste precisely like it. It’s a good flavor, but nothing special. Stage lemon lime is a good option for a quick electrolyte boost that most of us will keep on hand.

56. Verda Clementine

We’re not sure how Cirkul did it, but our panel unanimously believes that this stevia-sweetened citrus flavor tastes less sweet than the unsweetened tangerine Pureessence. Verda clementine has a citrus flavor, however it concludes with a harsh aftertaste.

If you prefer citrus flavors or water with the peels still attached, this one might be worth a shot. Otherwise, we recommend bypassing it in favor of Cirkul’s other orange-related selections, which we much prefer!

55. Squeeze Blueberry Lemonade

Our team has conflicting feelings about this flavor. Some of our reviewers said it was one of the better lemonade Cirkul flavors, with no aftertaste and a wonderful balance of sweet blueberry and tart lemon. Others think Squeeze Blueberry Lemonade has an odd flavor that isn’t fruity at all. One person compared it to horrible medicine, while another to the taste you get when you smell something awful.

People seem to either adore or despise this one. If you prefer other Cirkul lemonade tastes, we recommend giving it a try, but start with only one cartridge and see what you think!

54. Flyte Last Drive (Blue Raspberry)

According to our review crew, this Flyte version hides the flavor of its electrolytes the best. It still has a slight electrolyte flavor, as do most rehydration beverages, but the delicious blue raspberry flavor is powerful enough to mask some of it. If you need a rehydration solution but want to eliminate much of the salty flavor, try this one. Flyte Last Drive is also fantastic for kids!

53. Puressence Raspberry (Unsweetened)

This Sip, with its unsweetened flavor and acidic raspberry overtones, is guaranteed to please raspberry enthusiasts. It performed admirably with Puressence fans but fell short with those who prefer sweeter taste alternatives. Puressence Raspberry is ideal for raspberry fans or those who prefer tart flavors.

52. FitSip White Cherry

According to the majority of our reviewers, white cherry has the familiar, sweet cherry candy flavor that many people love. Our crew described it as “cherry Kool-Aid” and “cherry snow cone.”

51. Squeeze Strawberry Lemonade

The Squeeze Strawberry Lemonade isn’t half terrible either. Some members perceived a sugar aftertaste or an artificial lemon flavor, but neither was as noticeable as it is in other lemonade tastes.

The reviewers who loved it ranked it among the top ten, so if you enjoy other lemon tastes or aren’t sensitive to the taste of other sweeteners, this one might be worth trying on your next order.

50. Verda Cucumber Lime

Because it is a light combination of cucumber and lime, most of us found this flavor refreshing. One individual found it a little bitter, either due to the stevia sweetener or the lime. This one avoids the strange aftertaste that we encountered with Puressence Cucumber, which is a positive.

Cucumber water fans should try Verda Cucumber Lime!

49. FitSip Cool Melon (Limited Edition FLVRLAB Release)

Cool Melon, according to the members that tried it, is a pleasantly light melon flavor that they would like to try again in warmer weather. One of them thinks it tastes more like a mild honeydew melon, which distinguishes it.

48. Frosted Mocha Iced Coffee

The Mocha Iced Coffee Frosted Sip transforms regular water into chocolate-flavored water with a dash of coffee. It’s good, but not our favorite. If you adore chocolate, you might enjoy sipping on this one!

47. Frosted Caramel Iced Coffee

Frosted Caramel Iced Coffee garnered similar reactions to its mocha-flavored predecessor. It gives water a caramel flavor with coffee undertones. True caramel fans will enjoy drinking watered-down caramel whenever they wish.

Although we liked other flavors, Caramel Iced Coffee is a pleasant treat.

46. FitSip Berry Lemonade (Limited Edition FLVRLAB Release)

FitSip Berry Lemonade isn’t the most interesting limited-time release flavor, given Cirkul has lots of berry and lemon selections. However, this berry lemonade choice manages to outrank nearly all others! It’s not one of the greatest Cirkul tastes, but it avoids the artificial lemon cleaner flavor that most lemon flavors have.

If you prefer berries and lemon, don’t miss out on this one!

45. Stage Orange

Most Stage flavors remind us of sports drinks, so it’s no wonder that when the dial is set to 5 or 6, everyone thinks this orange flavor tastes just like popular orange sports drinks.

Stage Orange is fantastic if you like that flavor or need the extra electrolytes. Other citrus Sips with a more natural orange flavor are available.

44. Gateway Georgia Peach Tea

This Peach Tea turns water into a pleasant iced tea that may be made as strong or as weak as you like. The peach flavor is the only thing keeping this in the middle of the pack. It doesn’t quite taste like peach tea, and one reviewer mentions an aftertaste. Despite its shortcomings, it received high scores overall.

43. LifeSip Sweet Tea & Lemon

This is one of the most divisive Cirkul flavors on the market. People either adore it or despise it.

Sweet Tea and Lemon fans love it and say it’s the “best sweet tea flavor that [they] could drink all day!” Its naysayers are just as vocal, claiming the “weird, almost chemical-like lemon and aftertaste” or the flavor that some people associate with “fresh-cut grass.”

If you’ve never had a Sweet Tea and Lemon Sip, it’s worth trying if you like southern sweet tea. You might discover a new favorite flavor!

42. Stage Strawberry Watermelon

This is a good strawberry watermelon choice for folks who want to rehydrate with electrolytes but don’t want to use sweeteners or have the salty flavor of Flyte Sips. The flavor is sweet and light, with only a faint electrolyte aftertaste.

We like it, however if you want stronger flavors, you might not like this one. When you turn it up to 11, the taste might become noticeably harsh, most likely due to the stevia sweetener.

41. FitSip Tropical Blast

We all typically enjoy tropical flavors, so we could be a bit biased, but we found Tropical Blast to be a pleasant, tropical option. It is light-to-medium in intensity and feels like a hydrating escape. The only critique for this one is a couple of our group members  think it either “has a slight aftertaste” or “tastes a little salty.”

40. Fission Florida Man (Orange Citrus)

Florida Man has a pleasant, robust citrus flavor, although some of us found it overpowering. “If you take concentrated orange juice and add a little tangerine, some sweetener, and maybe a small amount of water, you get Florida Man,” one guy put it.

If you enjoy energy drinks, this is the one for you. It’s powerful and very sweet, and the caffeine and other ingredients will keep you energized all day.

Cirkul bottle size is

The Cirkul bottle is a stylish and versatile hydration solution that will keep you hydrated on the road. It fits well in your hand and most cup holders due to its tiny and practical design and Cirkul bottle size. The bottle finds a compromise between portability and capacity, providing enough of room for your favorite beverages while remaining portable. With Cirkul’s flavor cartridges, you may tailor the flavor of your drink, making every sip a wonderful experience. The Cirkul bottle’s size makes it an ideal companion for staying hydrated and enjoying great-tasting beverages whether you’re at the gym, in the office, or exploring the outdoors.

A: Yes, you have the option to buy cartridges and bottles individually or in convenient bundles.

A: A Cirkul cartridge, with its 0.68 oz size, lasts about 6 water refills, providing sustained flavor enjoyment.

A: Cirkul offers bottle sizes of 32 oz, 22 oz, and 12 oz, allowing you to select the one that aligns with your lifestyle and hydration needs.

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