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Introduction :

Introducing this blog post After doing a lot of searching to find out what’s in Cirkul Water, how, how good, we stumbled upon Cirkul, a game-changer that takes water hydration to a whole new level. Unlike any other water bottle we’ve tried, Cirkul infuses your water with delightful flavor as you sip, making every hydration moment truly enjoyable.

Here we will discuss about the review of Cirkul. Here we first see some incredible things when trying to repeat the results of Google’s search. Today you can know the review and these incredible things through this blog post. Let’s begin.

Cirkul Water Bottle
Credits : https://drinkcirkul.com

There are some websites that have exposed this product with very bad reviews. For example:This(www.producthunt.com/products/cirkul/reviews) website has given a very bad review of 2.6 out of 5 (599 reviews). The website has submitted 559 customer rating reviews to tell them what they like about Cirkul, what Cirkul could do better, and more. Cirkul has received a rating of 2.6 after customers published their feedback on this website.

A post uploaded on the medium.com website says: Title “I Tried TikTok’s Viral Cirkul Water Bottle — Here’s My Honest Review Worth the hype or waste of money?” , but here about 600 users have liked this post. This post was published by Alicia Eichman on Apr 26, 2022. The url of this post is :”https://medium. com/@silverquillwriting/i-tried-tiktoks-viral-circul-water-bottle-here-s-my-honest-review-2837464742a3″

A post uploaded on the www.divein.com website says: Titled “Cirkul Water Bottle – Review 2023” Although there is nothing much in this blog post, what they have seen and the reviews published by the review website is, “The Cirkul system is simple and easy. , good selection of different flavors, reasonable subscription plans, controlled drinking experience with a flavor dial, Excellent alternative to carbonated drinks, decent build quality”, www.divein.com rated them 4.3 out of 5. Review : Url : https://www.divein.com/everyday/cirkul-32oz-stainless-steel-bottle-comfort-grip-lid/

And some e-commerce websites who earn by selling these products have arranged very good reviews of Cirkul products in the review section of their website. For example, www.walmart.com has published reviews of Cirkul based on their user ratings, so since it is an e-commerce website it has used some coding to generate sales and presented good ratings and good reviews.Example of url: https://www.walmart.com/reviews/product/730628142

But after a deep search we found out the reason for these two opposite reviews.

This is because some website owners publish posts as per their own wish. For example, if it is a product selling site, it will naturally want to sell more of the products published on its site. And so they customize the good ratings of each of their products and publish them in the review section of the website. This is why product reviews on these websites are highly rated.
Secondly, on websites which are just for ratings and reviews, logged in users publish their valuable statements through comments, reading a few posts reveals a lot. Because the right comes out very easily through discussion and debate through these platforms.

All eCommerce Site Review's for Cirkul Water Bottle

Better Business Bureau®
https://www.bbb.org/us/fl/tampa/profile/beverage-dispenser/cirkul-0653-90334272/customer-reviews 33%
Product Hunt®
https://www.producthunt.com/products/cirkul/reviews 52%
Walmart Review®
This review from Walmart User 88%
Amazon Review®
https://www.amazon.com/Simple-Modern-Summit-Water-Bottle/product-reviews/B07QYXQFRD 92%
https://www.divein.com/everyday/cirkul-32oz-stainless-steel-bottle-comfort-grip-lid/ 92%

When Cirkul reached out to us and offered to let us try their bottles, we were intrigued by the idea of flavored water on demand. They sent us a kit, which included the Cirkul plastic bottle and lid, along with two flavor cartridges – the vitamin-packed fruit punch LifeSip, and the mixed berry FitSip cartridge enriched with electrolytes. The magic lies in the simple yet effective mechanism of Cirkul. While the bottle itself is a standard plastic water container, it transforms into a flavor factory once you insert the flavor cartridge. Your water becomes infused with taste as it flows through the cartridge and out the spout.

cirkul water bottle review from www.walmart.com

cirkul water bottle review

Most helpful positive Reviews of Cirkul Water Bottle Review

Verified Purchaser
Don’t think twice Buy it!

I absolutely love this bottle and flavors!! I set mine on 4 most the time and occasionally 5. Its flavors are so good and I love that you can use one cartridge way more than once. I 10/10 recommend! Gonna quit sodas %26 I even like these better than propels which for me is saying a lot.


Most helpful negative Review of Cirkul Water Bottle Review

Verified Purchaser
Terrible product. no customer service

Claims you get way more flavored water thru one cartridge than you actually can. If I turned it to its lowest flavor setting, I got thru 2.5-20 ozs. of water. Claims you can get 6 – 20 ozs. Way more expensive than getting drop-ins for bottles water. So both my bottle and my daughter’s get a lot of suction in them, so much we have to unscrew the cap to relieve it or nothing comes out. I figured out it has a terribly engineered check valve made from rubber that doesn’t work right. Even on their website they admit it! They say they are still redesigning that check valve. If you look in the FAQ about a noise coming from the lid, that’s where they admit its not yet correctly designed. I contacted their customer service a week ago and they’ve never responded even though I got an auto reply that the message was received.


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You can Check all reviews from here

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Total Control over Flavor Intensity:

What sets Cirkul apart is its ingenious feature that puts you in control of the flavor intensity for every sip. A dial beneath the nozzle allows you to adjust the flavor level to your preference. Craving pure, unflavored water? Simply turn the dial to the right. Seeking a burst of intense flavor? Turn it all the way to the left. The best part is that the flavors are colorless and calorie-free, catering to diverse taste preferences. Some of us preferred a milder setting at 3 or 4 on the dial, while others enjoyed a bolder taste at 5 or 6. Although the full blast of flavor might not taste entirely natural, it becomes delightfully refreshing when dialed down.

Credits : https://drinkcirkul.com

Maximizing Flavor and Hydration:

One flavor cartridge could produce approximately six bottles of deliciously flavored water. When the taste gradually became less pronounced, we slightly increased the dial setting until we exhausted the cartridge. The result was impressive; we found ourselves drinking more water than usual, steering clear of sugary juices and sodas.

Economical Considerations and Environmental Impact:

Despite its impressive performance, Cirkul does have some limitations worth mentioning. If you solely rely on Cirkul for flavored water and dislike drinking plain water, you might consume a cartridge in just over two days, leading to higher expenses. However, they do offer subscription plans that can help save costs. Alternatively, using Cirkul occasionally and sticking to regular water at other times can significantly reduce expenses and waste.

Cirkul Water Bottle
Credits : https://drinkcirkul.com

The cartridge design also involves some environmental concerns. Each new cartridge comes with a nozzle and tube that must be discarded when depleted. While some recycling locations accept the cartridges, dismantling them is necessary. Despite these concerns, we have decided to continue using Cirkul bottles, even purchasing a variety pack of flavor cartridges. The occasional indulgence in sweet and fruity flavors makes it worthwhile. If you want to know why Cirkul Water Bottle Is Need. Must-Try it ?


Cirkul’s flavor-infusing water bottle is a unique and enjoyable addition to our hydration routine. The ability to customize the flavor intensity and create tasty infused water has won us over. We recommend using it moderately to strike a balance between cost-effectiveness and environmental responsibility while still relishing the delightful flavored water experience. Ultimately, Cirkul helps us stay hydrated and promotes healthier beverage choices throughout our day.

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